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About Imperial Services

Imperial Services was founded in 1987, as a small machine and repair shop. Parts were built evenings and weekends, while I worked full time in manufacturing and engineering positions. Our first products were repair parts for the auto wash industry. Over the next few years we developed a number of improvements to our line of parts, which improved reliability and durability, but ultimately led to selling less parts! By 1996, with volumes at all-time lows, I began looking for new products to build. Late in 1997, I decided to temporarily close the business down so that I could spend time with my ailing Mother.

After the passing of my Mother in April of 1998, I began a more serious quest for products for the shop. I remembered not being able to find replacement transmission mounts for my 1963 Plymouth, and discovered that they were still not available. The few NOS parts that did exist where so outrageously expensive that people were resorting to all sorts of make-shift arrangements to secure their transmissions. And the thought of paying $150 or more for a 35 year old, NOS rubber mount was not at all appealing.

With the help of some of my online friends, I was able to procure a few mounts for analysis, built tooling, and released the first production parts in late 1998. Additional part numbers and applications followed. Newer tooling and manufacturing techniques are now yielding more professional looking parts, with better durability, while maintaining the introductory pricing of the parts late in 1998. We continue to vigorously pursue better methods and materials, and to date have had very few failures, from a population of in excess of 2000 transmission mounts. Most failures occured in early production of the 1966-1970 style mount, in high horsepower manual transmission applications. Subsequent design modifications have proven successful in the elimination of similar failures.

We now focus on continuous improvement of our line of 1957-1975 Chrysler Product transmission mount offerings, and are slowly adding new products for other Mopar applications. We generally target parts that are not currently available from other sources, as there are plenty of parts that need to be reproduced. There is no point in duplicating effort and stifling development in this small segment of the industry.

Imperial Services was originally a Sole Proprietorship owned and operated by Steven Charette.  Effective 2009 Imperial Services is now a part of Promerican Corporation.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Imperial Services!